Real estate law

Real estate is of critical importance for public services and economic development. It forms the basis for housing construction and infrastructural development as well as for agriculture and forestry. It is an essential component of private old-age provision, a starting point for operational development, and it also functions as an opportunity for investment and development.

However, there exists no clear definition for either the concept of property or that of real estate law. Real estate law can best be defined and explained conceptually. It gauges and regulates the legal conditions of property, leasehold rights, and built units located on property. Legal issues pertaining to real estate are diverse and are regulated in numerous laws. Property owners and other holders of rights to real estate, as well as builders, buyers, sellers and financiers of real estate and real estate brokers must all deal with real estate law.

For example, public law regulates issues such as the development potential and usability of property and the responsibilities of property owners.

Within private law, the rights to real estate and its transfer play an important role.

In more complex real estate law matters especially – such as the purchase and sale of real estate as well as its financing, or the development of construction and property development projects – numerous legal questions arise and legal aspects mesh across different legal areas. Advice on real estate law therefore requires comprehensive legal expertise that takes into account the details of each individual case.

The lawyers and notaries at LEONHARDT RATTUNDE have many years of experience and the necessary expertise to provide comprehensive advice on issues in law relating to real estate.

Particularly in more complex real estate law matters, different elements with separate legal fields often interlace. Here we can offer comprehensive expertise.

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