Employment law

During a company reorganisation – whether part of insolvency proceedings or otherwise – it is important that the relevant individuals within the company as well as insolvency administrators focus on the right areas. There should be as much consideration of individual employment law issues as of collective ones. In particular, termination and operational changes must be taken into account. It is up to those responsible within the company to decide whether operations should be abandoned and employees released, whether business activities should be restricted, or whether insolvency proceedings should be initiated by an insolvency administrator. 

At LEONHARDT RATTUNDE, our practice focuses on commercial law as it relates to crisis and insolvency law. This also includes employment law outside of and during insolvency. Our team at LEONHARDT RATTUNDE, which includes several specialist lawyers in employment law, advises and represents restructuring entrepreneurs, insolvency administrators as well as purchasers. They are familiar with the employment law measures that should be taken into account as part of a successful company reorganisation. 

In addition to employment law issues as they relate to economic crises, LEONHART RATTUNDE also advises companies on all individual and collective employment law issues, as well as managers on employment law and company law issues.

Successful reorganisation also touches on the sensitive areas of individual and collective legal issues for employees and managers.

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