03-07-2019 / Press releases

Insolvency proceedings against the assets of FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin Lichterfelde-Tempelhof e.V.

An association with enormous social significance for Berlin

The board of FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin Lichterfelde-Tempelhof e.V. filed for insolvency at the Charlottenburg district court on 13/12/2018, after the club’s largest investor ceased payments.

On the same day, the insolvency court appointed Prof. Dr. Martini as provisional insolvency administrator.

In close cooperation with the association, the provisional insolvency administrator then succeeded in obtaining interim financing in order to secure the continued existence of the men’s team of the club.


Insolvency proceedings were opened on 01/02/2019 and Prof. Dr. Martini was appointed insolvency administrator. A financing agreement has been met with an investor to reorganise the club’s amateur sports activities by means of an insolvency plan and at the same time to spin off the professional sports activities with the aim of relieving the non-profit association of its financial burdens and stabilising it for the future. The insolvency administrator Dr. Martini has thereby succeeded in enabling the association to continue its activities in their entirety beyond the opening of the insolvency proceedings. Work is currently under way on drawing up an insolvency plan.



FC Viktoria 1889 Berlin, with around 1,300 members and approximately 70 active teams, is one of the largest amateur sports clubs in Germany and has enormous social significance for the southwest area of Berlin, especially on account of its wide offering of youth and school sports.

Torsten Martini

Lawyer / Specialist lawyer in insolvency law / Insolvency administrator / Managing partner

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