Turnaround consulting

We will help you turn the tide.

If you want to avert your company’s impending or already occurring crisis, please contact us. We advise throughout Germany. With our interdisciplinary team consisting of lawyers, specialist lawyers and notaries, business lawyers and business economists, along with our deep expertise in economic and business law, but also our extensive network of experts, we are a reliable, fast and effective partner for companies and entrepreneurs who find themselves in crises and crisis-related situations.

Do you want to avoid the insolvency of your limited liability company (GmbH)?

Drawing on our many years of experience and specialist expertise, we work with you to analyse the current situation and the internal and external causes of the crisis in your company – regardless of its legal form: Limited liability company GmbH, limited liability company & Co. limited partnership (GmbH & Co. KG), a public limited company (AG), etc.

Working closely with you, we develop pragmatic and sustainable solution concepts for the turnaround of your company and support you in their implementation. We see ourselves as equal partners, not only as lawyers but also as commercial experts, entrepreneurs and consultants. 

The goal of our turnaround consulting is of course to avoid insolvency. However, if it is appropriate in a specific case, we do not shy away from using the instruments provided by the Law on Further Facilitating the Reorganisation of Companies (ESUG) and the Insolvency Statute (InsO), such as self-administration, insolvency protection proceedings and insolvency plans in order to achieve the best possible reorganisation of your company. Sometimes avoiding the insolvency of your limited liability company (GmbH) is not necessarily the best solution in the long run. Insolvency proceedings can also allow a company to make a new start or to initiate a turnaround.

Our consultants and insolvency administrators have supervised and accompanied out-of-court and in-court reorganisation proceedings and insolvency proceedings of all magnitudes and degrees of difficulty – throughout Germany and also across national borders. 

For decades, we have been pioneers in insolvency plan proceedings and in self-administration with objectively documented expertise and we can look back on a large number of successful company reorganisations.

We advise companies of all sizes

Our clients include start-ups and SMEs as well as corporate groups, their company organs (managing directors, board members, supervisory board) and shareholders. However, we also advise all other players that may be affected by a company’s crisis, such as investors, suppliers, banks and other creditors of crisis-stricken companies. Our clients come from all areas of the business world.

Turn things around in a timely manner and avoid insolvency.


Preventive restructuring process

Find the expertise you need – we are here to advise and support you

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