Restructuring consulting

It is always best to begin the restructuring process before a company’s problems become acute. The aim here is to improve the ability of a company to carry out future tasks in the relevant areas. A strategic crisis is often preceded by the realisation that a company must make changes. Triggers for considering restructuring could be the loss of business areas, a stronger competitor that succeeds in bringing better products to market, or new regulatory interventions that cause market changes. 

First of all, it is necessary to perform a comprehensive stocktaking of the company’s current situation. As a rule, restructuring consulting requires an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the company, then the identification and implementation of strategic and operational measures. Our consultants and specialists at LEONHARDT RATTUNDE can draw upon their extensive knowledge to quickly and accurately identify the critical points, working in cooperation with company employees. In addition to examining the economic and financial circumstances of a company – specifically the cost structure, the liquidity flows and the investment expenditure – the internal workflows and processes at the operational level are also analysed and appropriate optimisation solutions are sought as part of comprehensive restructuring consulting. These measures can have a broad impact on a company and are intended to improve its economic situation and organisational structure.

Restructuring efforts are also becoming increasingly important in view of the planned EU directive for a new preventive reorganization and restructuring procedure with the aim of strengthening the internal market. The EU currently has plans to allow companies in financial difficulties already at this stage to use certain protective mechanisms of insolvency law, for example by requesting the suspension of enforcement measures. A necessary step in any restructuring process is to draw up a restructuring plan. The creditors then vote on whether to accept this plan. Thanks to its many years of concrete experience in designing such restructuring plans, LEONHADRT RATTUNDE can provide comprehensive support and advice in this area.

The aim of restructuring consulting

The aim of restructuring consulting is to avert a future crisis or to eliminate already visible signs of a crisis and to sustainably restore the competitiveness of the company.

A planned change in the organisational or structural area should be achieved that realigns the company to its goals in order to make it more efficient in future tasks. In most cases, processes, workflows and structures are optimised within the framework of restructuring consulting in order to achieve greater agility within the company, also in the event of a possible change in the markets. 

In addition to economic and market-oriented improvements, a further objective of restructuring consulting is to optimise internal system processes and structures. Restructuring advice also frequently focuses on repositioning a company with regard to various legal areas. Important roles are played here by employment law and company law considerations. 

Restructuring with the help of LEONHARDT RATTUNDE

Thanks to LEONHARDT RATTUNDE’s experience in crises and crisis-related consulting, as well as our interdisciplinary team of lawyers, commercial lawyers and experts, we are in a position to take action for you, and above all together with you, to overcome any problems facing your company. The  team organisation and size of LEONHADRT RATTUNDE gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the different areas of expertise  and team knowledge. You have at your disposal our specialised lawyers in commercial law, corporate law, employment law and other legal fields, as well as our experienced commercial lawyers and business experts. By drawing on this expertise and many years of experience, LEONHARDT RATTUNDE is able to support you in the preparation of a restructuring plan that will also serve in the future as the basis for a preventive restructuring proceeding.

LEONHARDT RATTUNDE is able to cover all legal and economic aspects of restructuring, and its clients can draw on our many years of experience (e.g. in insolvency consulting). 

LEONHARDT RATTUNDE sees itself as a consultant and sparring partner for its clients. Together with the client and all parties involved, we help find solutions that strengthen the company going forward. It is our goal at LEONHARDT RATTUNDE to involve all parties with a stake in the respective processes, from the board of management to the employees. This allows us to achieve a high level of acceptance by the client in the affected areas for the forthcoming measures. 

For many years we have been advising entrepreneurs and companies, as well as the advisors of these companies themselves, in restructuring and reorganisation processes as well as in general commercial law.

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