Reorganisation consulting

Reorganisation consulting generally begins with the onset of a crisis that threatens the very existence of the company. LEONHARDT RATTUNDE’s core expertise is crisis management and the sustainable recovery of ailing companies – before and during formal insolvency proceedings. We analyse the initial situation with you and determine the stage and causes of the crisis. On this basis we decide what measures are required going forward. The first priority here is always to avoid or eliminate the factors that make it necessary to file for insolvency. Insolvency proceedings are often the worse reorganisation option and are therefore always the last resort. 

However, our experienced consultants and insolvency administrators are just as familiar with insolvency proceedings as we are with pre-insolvency reorganisation consultation. For us it is simply a matter of using a different reorganisation toolset. If insolvency proceedings cannot be avoided or, in exceptional cases, better reorganisation results can be expected – for example within the framework of (quick) insolvency plan proceedings – we lay the foundations for controlled insolvency proceedings with you – for example within the framework of self-administration with a pre-packaged plan.

Whether your company is close to insolvency or requires formal insolvency proceedings, by concentrating on the essentials we gain time for the essential (reorganisation) measures. Speed is always the trump card. We take a fundamentally holistic consulting approach. However, we can also take over individual reorganisation modules in larger reorganisation briefs such as the preparation of integrated corporate plans or insolvency plans. We are team players.

We also live by a hands-on mentality. Our job is not to explain the world of reorganisation to you, but rather to work together with you to create sustainable added value for your company. As an chief restructuring officers (CRO), we are just as experienced taking a back-seat role, playing as “attacking midfielders” one might say – just as the individual situation requires.

Our consultants work together with you to create added value for your company as part of its reorganisation.

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