Protection for creditors

In our role as insolvency administrator, we are obliged to satisfy all the insolvent debtor’s creditors in the best possible and even-handed manner. In recent years and decades, we at LEONHARDT RATTUNDE have successfully handled hundreds of insolvency proceedings of all sizes and degrees of difficulty, achieving excellent creditor quotas.

Thanks to our extensive practical experience and our excellent technical expertise, we are very familiar with the intricacies and pitfalls of insolvency law, and can therefore advise all parties affected by a corporate crisis in the best possible way.  

Our clients also include contractual partners and creditors of (potential) insolvency debtors, such as suppliers, banks, landlords, etc. Not only do we advise and represent our clients in the optimal enforcement of their rights in the event of the insolvency of their contractual partner, we also offer pre-emptive advice for minimising and avoiding insolvency risks.  

We provide support in the drafting of contracts, e.g. with regard to the most insolvency-proof collateralisation of loans and other claims, as well as support in the enforcement of rights that arise from the respective contracts and securities. We are very familiar with insolvency law-specific details concerning rights to separation and rights to separate satisfaction.

Furthermore, we also advise parties to contested transactions, i.e. (former) creditors of an insolvency debtor, against whom the insolvency administrator is entitled to exercise contestation claims pursuant to section 129 ff. of the Insolvency Statute (InsO) and to demand restitution, e.g. of payments that the insolvency debtor had made to the creditors in the past.

Insolvency proceedings serve to satisfy creditors.

Aktuelle Veranstaltungen

The ULTRAMan for insolvency lawyers: One day - 15 hours of the Specialist Lawyers’ Regulations (FAO) in insolvency law

Date: 11-08-2019
Speakers: Prof. Dr. Torsten Martini, RA Dr. Jürgen Spliedt, RiAG Dr. Thorsten Graeber
Berlin (Der genaue Ort wird Ihnen vom Veranstalter mitgeteilt)

6th Specialist Course in Insolvency Law - Module 5: Office of the (provisional) insolvency administrator; securing and administration of the estate

Date: 12-05-2019 - 12-07-2019
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Torsten Martini
H4 Hotel Hamburg-Bergedorf

Specialist Course in Insolvency Law - Module 8: Insolvency plan proceedings, self-administration, insolvency plan proceedings

Date: 02-06-2020
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Torsten Martini
H4 Hotel Hamburg-Bergedorf

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