Insolvency administration

We are certified according to the quality management standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 in the area of insolvency administration.

The certification authority VQZ Bonn attests that the certified insolvency administrators at LEONHARDT RATTUNDE law firm observe the requirements for the principles of proper insolvency administration. Go to certificate

We are specialists in insolvency law

Insolvency administration and reorganisation are our supreme discipline. We act as insolvency administrators and reorganisation specialists for companies, creditors and courts throughout Germany. Whether you need assistance with standard procedures, self-administration, property management, insolvency protection proceedings, insolvency plans or transferring reorganisations – our tried and tested team of experts is familiar with all facets of insolvency law.

LEONHARDT RATTUNDE is one of Germany’s leading law firms for restructuring, reorganisation and insolvency administration and is frequently sought after in difficult and complex cases. We are active nationwide as insolvency administrators, monitors and consultants. We have supervised countless proceedings of every size and difficulty. For decades we have been pioneers with objectively documented expertise in corporate reorganisation in planning procedures and in self-administration. Our reorganisation consulting draws on the experience that our law firm has gained through ground-breaking reorganisation proceedings in insolvency law.

We, LEONHARDT RATTUNDE, were the first firm in Germany to restructure a group by mean of an insolvency plan. We were also the first firm in Germany to reorganise a listed company in insolvency using a capital increase with the issue of new shares as part of an insolvency plan proceeding.

We have been specialists in insolvency law for almost 90 years. Today over 30 lawyers and commercial lawyers work today for LEONHARDT RATTUNDE in insolvency administration and reorganisation consulting.

We are reorganisation specialists

Our activities in reorganisation consulting arose from the realisation that the advantages of reorganisation as part of insolvency proceedings, in particular by means of an insolvency plan, are still not fully exploited and that we, as pioneers in designing insolvency plans, have now gained a significant knowledge advantage over our competitors. We therefore advise managing directors, shareholders, creditors, as well as insolvency administrators, corporate law firms and management consultancies on the reorganisation of companies and entrepreneurs in and prior to insolvency. Further information on turnaround consulting can be found here and further information on the EU’s plans for pre-insolvency reorganisation in the form of a preventive restructuring proceeding (also known as a preventive restructuring framework) can be found here.

LEONHARDT RATTUNDE is characterised by the combination of legal expertise and commercial thinking. 

We are team players

In our view, teamwork is essential for handling insolvency and reorganisation proceedings. LEONHARDT RATTUNDE today employs more than 100 people with different areas of expertise and training: lawyers, notaries, commercial lawyers, specialist lawyers in insolvency law, specialist lawyers in employment law, a specialist lawyer in tax law; insolvency administrators, estate administrators, estate guardians, specialists in insolvency law, specialists in commercial and company law, insolvency administrators, real estate valuers, business economists, commercial experts, accountants, legal and notarial assistants, etc.

As insolvency administrators, we want to achieve the best possible results for all parties involved in the proceedings. We endeavour to ensure transparency throughout the whole process and to advance the excellence of insolvency administration in general. We regularly publish key data, such as the duration of proceedings, creditors’ quotas and the number of jobs saved, in reference to the insolvency proceedings we handle.

Appointed by courts or proposed by companies: Our independence is our best argument; as insolvency administrators or monitors, we are neutral in our efforts to find a solution that conforms to the law and is optimal for the parties involved, regardless of special interests. 

As consultants, we are committed to achieving the best possible results for our clients.

Depending on your specific requirements, we assemble a suitable team of experts, drawing both on our in-house specialists and, if necessary, on our external network of experts from various sectors and regions. This enables us to handle insolvencies of any size. 

The legal, commercial, social and communicative problems that regularly arise in insolvency proceedings are dealt with in a quick, solution-oriented and pragmatic way at the highest expert level.

The company organs (e.g. managing directors, the board of directors) of the insolvent company and its employees also play a central role when it comes to mastering the challenges of a crisis. We therefore always endeavour to work as closely and confidentially as possible with the parties involved.

Our first office was founded in Berlin. Our specialists in insolvency law are active throughout Germany. Talk to us.

Our supreme discipline.

Reference procedure

Fifth Largest Branch Bakery in Germany

Prof. Dr. Martini was appointed special insolvency administrator in the secondary insolvency proceedings of Niki Luftfahrt GmbH

Cocoa manufacturers Euromar

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