Overcoming crises.

Crises can be caused by external influences and internal circumstances. Speedy and consistent application of the right reorganisation instruments is essential for defending against looming crises.

For us, overcoming crises means exploiting opportunities before and during insolvency, and working together with you to plan the necessary measures. As restructuring and reorganisation specialists and insolvency administrators, we are used to developing optimal solutions for all parties involved. Of course, our litigation lawyers are also there to represent your interests in court.

Nobody loves insolvencies, but we can help you overcome the challenge

Our insolvency administrators handle proceedings of all sizes and degrees of difficulty – nationally and internationally. For decades, we have also been pioneers in corporate reorganisation in planning procedures and self-administration with outstanding expertise.

Take action before it is too late: Avert crises with restructuring

Those who pay attention to signs of insolvency at an early stage can avert crisis with the help of the right reorganisation instruments. We support companies not only as lawyers with core expertise in commercial law, but also as entrepreneurial business people.

Our departments and teams have the expertise you require

Insolvency administration

With an interdisciplinary organisation, we bundle our areas of expertise as insolvency administrators and reorganisation specialists for companies, creditors and courts.


Our notaries provide independent, professional and individually tailored consultation and notarisation for all aspects of notarial practice.

Litigation department

Litigation is a core area of legal services. We represent insolvency administrators, companies, authorities, banks and private individuals.

Crisis-related consulting

Whether you are a sole proprietor, a medium-sized company or a corporate group: we see ourselves not only as lawyers and notaries, but also as commercial experts, entrepreneurs and consultants.

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