Notaries at LEONHARDT RATTUNDE – independent, professional and individually tailored.

For decades, our notaries have served and cared for private individuals and companies of all sizes. From start-ups to international corporations and public institutions. Our notaries can support you in both individual and business matters, in personal provision and in legal succession, as well as in company start-ups and complex business transactions and restructuring cases.

Our notaries are familiar with real estate transactions of any size – no matter whether the real estate in question is residential property or a large portfolio. For property developers, for example, the purchase of real estate, its division into units for living and the sale of these units are conceptualised contractually.

Our focus always remains on maintaining the individual interests of the parties involved while finding sustainable solutions. This applies both to the preparation of documents and to supervision after notarisation. Demands of the highest importance and magnitude are dealt with by a well-staffed and highly qualified team of lawyers, notary specialists and notary clerks who process all needs efficiently and speedily.

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“Experience and Expertise –
these are the fundamentals of independent, professional and individually tailored support in notarial practice.”
Thomas Götze
Lawyer / Partner / Notary in Berlin

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